Well I’m surprised it took so long for a vehicle that I was in to have an accident, but it was inevitable.

We were heading to the airport when the clouds burst. Even though I’ve seen a fair old number of them in this part of the world I was surprised by how intensely the rain came down.

Within seconds the roads started to flood. 

I grabbed my iPhone to video some of the rain when almost immediately…

Turns out that there was a pretty big dip in the road and a pothole just after. Both were completely filled with water so just looked like the rest of the road.

We hit it at motorway speeds and boom.

The video cuts out just as my seatbelt grabs me and I accidentally hit stop button.

We ended up mounting the centre embankment. The car was alright, but I reckon his tracking is going to need adjusting!

Written by Nezgsy

Guernsey is in my blood and it will always be home, but my home is just one tiny part of a huge, diverse and fascinating world. A world of which I dream of experiencing as much as I can. Stories are also in my blood and this is where I share mine. Here I hope to share a little of my experience of the world through the photographs I take either on my travels or simply as part of day-to-day island life.

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