Wow things have progressed at pace over the last few days. Somehow I now find myself in Lithuania when it seems only yesterday we were leaving Tartu for Latvia.

The days have been jam-packed and there has been so much to take in. From climbing medieval fortifications up spiral staircases, candle lantern in hand to Baroque palaces and markets in Zeppelin hangers!

I’ve been keeping audio notes for myself as I go since there has been no way that I’ve been able to get everything arranged in my memory let alone type it up. I’ve barely even seen my own photographs beyond them flashing past as I back them up to my laptop.

I did however want to share at least one image from a place we visited today, not too far inside Lithuania – The Hill of Crosses.

hoc (1 of 1)

This is without doubt one of the most unusual places that I’ve seen in all my time travelling. I’ll write more in detail later, but you can read all about this place of pilgrimage here –

Written by Nezgsy

FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER, I WANTED TO SEE THE WORLD.... From early childhood I inherited a love of adventure movies, books and comics. I loved the action and excitement but I was equally fascinated by the places these took place. At first I was astonished to learn that many of of these fantastic places weren't just movie sets or products of the writers imagination, but real world places that could be visited, seen and touched. Growing up on a beautiful, but very small, island this was a revelation and from that point on I spent equally as much time borrowing books from the library to learn about these places. As I grew a little older and Micheal Palin started his seminal TV show - 'Around the World in 80 Days' - I was hooked, and knew that some day I wanted to have an adventure like his. I've been very fortunate that life has given me the chance to go out and see the world. I've been equally fortunate in discovering another passion in photography. My website - is where I share these passions with all those people who also want to go out and see what lies over the horizon.

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