Photo(s) of the Week: A new Camera

It’s been a frustrating week as I’ve been out of action with a virus and so haven’t achieved a thing except feeling sorry for myself.

That frustration has been doubled because on Monday I got my my first new primary camera in nearly six years, replacing my venerable old Fuji X-T1. Of course I’ve not been able to use it at all other than flicking through the menus.

My new camera is a Fuji X-H1. I was planning to get an X-T3 but budget pushed it a bit of range. Then Fuji released the X-T30 which was in the right price-range but missing a few of the features I wanted. As I was about to buy there was an amazing offer on the X-H1 that just £100 more than the X-T30 but also included a power grip and two additional batteries. In total it came in about £1k less than the same package would have been a month ago! So I’ve come away with 2 less megapixels but all the features I wanted plus in body image stabilisation!

I’m absolutely delighted with my new toy and whilst there are some changes to the functionality I need to get learn it’s still a camera and to the fundamentals haven’t changed.

Yesterday the sun was out and I dragged myself out to get some vitamin D and of course take a couple of shots. My choice of location? Lancresse Bay. I felt like a fitting locations it was also the place I went when I got my first Fuji Interchangeable Lens camera.

There is definitely some ring rust and I wasn’t feeling my best, but I got a couple of shots I quite like that. Lots more practice will be needed to get that ‘extension of your arm’ feeling that comes with familiarity of use, but I’ll get there.

Written by Nezgsy

Guernsey is in my blood and it will always be home, but my home is just one tiny part of a huge, diverse and fascinating world. A world of which I dream of experiencing as much as I can. Stories are also in my blood and this is where I share mine. Here I hope to share a little of my experience of the world through the photographs I take either on my travels or simply as part of day-to-day island life.

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