Street Photography in Madrid

Madrid in the evening is busy with a capital B. I was staying a couple of minutes walk from the Sol area and having arrived at my hotel a 9pm I wanted to get out and take a walk before bed.

It’s a major city so I wasn’t expecting deserted streets, but at the same time I wasn’t quite prepared for the cavalcade of sights and sounds that greeted me. Street performers, and vendors competed for attention. People from all spectrums milled about from the young and fashionable, the more mature and dressed for dinner through to little toddlers dashing wide-eyed and dragging parents to the huge mascot characters luring them in for a photo (and a Euro or two from mum and dad).

It all stands in stark contrast to the following morning when the same streets are practically empty and there is very little evidence of the life and energy present just a few hours earlier.

But by mid-afternoon and a gloriously sunny day unseasonably warm day, life emerges again. Now calmer, more relaxed and leisurely. Dog walkers, joggers kids on rollerblades and couples out for a stroll. But whilst different to the night, the atmosphere is still that of a city whose inhabitants seem to get the best out of life.

Written by Nezgsy

Guernsey is in my blood and it will always be home, but my home is just one tiny part of a huge, diverse and fascinating world. A world of which I dream of experiencing as much as I can. Stories are also in my blood and this is where I share mine. Here I hope to share a little of my experience of the world through the photographs I take either on my travels or simply as part of day-to-day island life.

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