Photo Gallery of the Week: MUSEO DE LAS CIENCIAS

Valencia plays host to some fascinating buildings but one area in particular is home to to some fantastic modern architecture.

The City of Arts and Science is well worth taking time to visit. Apart from the simply taking time to walk the area and admire the way the buildings seem to rise out of the ground like the skeletons of some mythological creatures, the museums and exhibits that they house are completely deserving of your time.

Written by Nezgsy

Guernsey is in my blood and it will always be home, but my home is just one tiny part of a huge, diverse and fascinating world. A world of which I dream of experiencing as much as I can. Stories are also in my blood and this is where I share mine. Here I hope to share a little of my experience of the world through the photographs I take either on my travels or simply as part of day-to-day island life.

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